Lucart, Lynch & Clark is as three piece vocal and guitar group.  The members are J. Michael Lynch (vocals, guitar), Sean T. Lucart (vocals, guitar, and keyboards0, and JB Clark (vocals, guitar, harmonica, and bass). 

JB Clark has been performing professionally as a solo artist for many years.  What began as recreational jam sessions with friends J. Michael Lynch and Sean T. Lucart, led to the decision to perform professionally as a trio.  All three are accomplished guitarists.  However, JB most frequently plays bass thereby rounding out their sound. 

All are fine vocalists, with JB performing a majority of the leads.  The singing ability of each provides excellent and entertaining harmonies that the guys love to do. 

Their style is enveloping, warm, and entertaining.  Their sound is clean and crisp.

Examples of cover tunes they perform in their own style were originally written and performed by Crosby, Stills & Nash, James Taylor, John Lennon & Paul McdCartney, Cat Stevens, Dave Loggins, John Denver, John Prine, Dewey Brunnell, Buy Wrokman and others.  Original compositions are also an important part of their repertoire. 

Performances by LLC are included in the audio player on this site.     

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