VIDEO - Her Song,  Written and Performed by JB Clark

This is a love song about a couple that met in the late 70's.  You can hear and feel their love and infatuation.  They married and this song was written on their 10th anniversary.  On the 10th anniversary of a marriage that ended after 25 years.  In the words of JB Clark, "This song was a long time in the writing, and many dreams were lost and found along the way."


VIDEO - Knockin' On Heaven's Door

A Bob Dylan classic.  A whole lotta folks have covered this tune.  This is part of a sound-check and rehearsal on the afternoon before a performance that evening. 

VIDEO - Contradiction

A slide show video of a great tune written by Guy Workman. It was introduced to JB Clark by a musician friend. JB immediately liked it. The lyrics relate directly to baby-boomers or anyone who has acquired a level of life experiences. 


VIDEO - Sounds Of Silence

A great early hit by Simon and Garfunkel. Performed by JB Clark at a live performance.


VIDEO - In Texas, Written and Performed by JB Clark

Photo slide show of JB Clark performing "In Texas."  This tune was originally written by JB as a jingle for a radio program that never launched.  So, he turned it into a complete song.  


VIDEO - King Of The Road

A Roger Miller classic taped at a live performance, with audience participation. 


VIDEO - Parody of On The Road Again

Live performance by JB Clark performing his own parody of On The Road Again titled "On The Plane Again."


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